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JumpKing are the market leader in trampolines and with over 50 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing trampolines you can be sure that if you choose a JumpKing you are making an excellent choice.

We have worked closely with JumpKing since we were established in 2004 and are now one of the most successful JumpKing retailers in the UK. We have also worked with JumpKing to design and develop our range of JumpKing Deluxe rectangular trampolines and are also proud to stock exclusive sizes of both rectangular and oval trampolines.

Why choose Jumpking?

JumpKing design and manufacture their trampolines using state of the art technology including their new Eurospring™ over and under design which reduces the stress on the frame, optimising the jump performance and increasing the trampoline’s durability.

The JumpKing POD range features a patented safety enclosure designed to slot directly into the frame which removes the need for brackets and results in a stronger and safer trampoline.

We stock a wide range of JumpKing trampolines in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit everyone from the small, round Combo Deluxe, perfect for young children up to the exclusive rectangular Deluxe model, the closest you will get to a professional, competition level trampoline for home use.

Need help or advice? Contact our customer service team or click here for our trampoline buying guide.