Trampolines Buying Guide & Advice

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Our guide to buying your trampoline

Buying a trampoline is the perfect way of having healthy family fun and we’re here to help you make the right purchase for the space you have. There are few things to consider before you make your choice and it's worth taking a couple of minutes to look at our guide.

Measure your space

We strongly recommend that you measure the space in which you plan to put your trampoline (please refer to our FAQ section). As a trampoline is one of the best investments you can make for your children’s health and enjoyment, you’ll need to make sure there’s enough room for them as they grow. Our suggestion is that you go for the largest size you can comfortably fit in your garden, which also comes within your budget – you cannot have too big a trampoline as far as the kids are concerned!  If you don't want to spoil the view across your garden it is worth considering an InGround Trampoline.

Deciding on shape

This is important as it depends not only on the size of space you have, but the shape too. For example, oval trampolines are very well suited for long narrow gardens.

Round trampolines

A round trampoline has the bounce centred in the middle of the bed which means even distribution of pull on the springs. The weave of the bed ensures that the users are bounced into the middle of the trampoline.

Oval trampolines

Oval trampolines have different bounce areas depending on their size. For example, the largest 17ft x 14ft oval trampoline has 3 different bounce areas. This is great if you are going to allow more than one user at a time.

Rectangular trampolines

Rectangular trampoline beds are woven to ensure there is an equal bounce wherever the user bounces. They are most popular with any serious trampolinist or gymnast as they are more suited to doing moves and tricks.

Octagonal trampolines

Octagonal trampolines fit into roughly the same area as a round trampoline but have been designed to mimic the bounce of a rectangular or oval trampoline instead.  This means that the springs move independently of one another (where as all the springs on a round trampoline move as one).  This means the user has greater control and is not always thrown to the centre.  This shape also provides a more even bounce across the area of the octagonal mat.   

InGround trampolines

These come in a variety of shapes that will all perform in the same way as the above ground trampolines of the same shape.  The difference of course is that these trampolines sit just a few centimetres above the ground so your garden is not overpowered by a big trampoline.  These are the only trampolines that you can buy without safety enclosures too, although you can add an enclosure to most of them at the point of purchase if you wish to.

The age of the users

The age and weight of the people using your trampoline is one of the most important things when considering which trampoline to buy. More springs and longer springs means the firmer the bounce of the trampoline. Therefore younger users need less springs in order to get a good bounce than the teenagers. But, remember trampolines are restricted only by weight not age!!

Consider the warranties

You’ll find details about the length of warranty for each trampoline on its product page. The more expensive trampolines tend to have longer warranties due as they are generally made with thicker galvanised steel, so will last longer. But remember to consider the weight of the user in relation to the number of springs; longer and a high quantity of springs are better for heavier users.

Your budget

We have a huge range of trampolines that covers a variety of budgets, we’re sure you’ll find a trampoline that suits you. All of our trampolines conform to the required safety standards which means that whatever you want to spend, you can be assured that your trampoline will be of the best quality.

For more information check out our FAQs or get in touch

If you’re still unsure which trampoline is right for you, please call and talk to one of our experts. Take advantage of our years of experience, we’re really happy to chat through your decision and advise you on which trampoline is most suitable for you and your family.


Trampolines are super conditioners that build strength, stamina, confidence and co-ordination. They can be left outside all year round, will provide years of trouble-free enjoyment and can be used by anyone.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.