17ft x 12ft Jumpking Deluxe Rectangular Trampoline with Enclosure - Plus FREE ACCESSORIES PLUS £100 OFF


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At a Glance
  • Innovative ‘Armorweave’ bed material to provide enhanced shock absorption and cushioning for superior performance
  • Best shape for the serious gymnast/trampolinist also with longer springs for a superior bounce
  • Comes complete with Ladder, Cover and Tie Down Kit all in the box

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Product Details

Product Code (JKDR1217B17)

We have worked closely with Jumpking to bring you this exclusive Jumpking Rectangular Deluxe Trampoline. It has been designed specifically to offer you the closest bounce to a professional trampoline for home use.  This is achieved due to its shape, armorweave bed and spring configuration. As this is the deluxe version, we have also included a weather cover, tie down kit and ladder so you have all you need to maintain and safely use your trampoline for years to come.

This innovative trampoline from Jumpking is taking trampolining to a whole new level with its armorweave bed. Armorweave is 20% stronger than Jumpking's standard bed and the tear strength has improved by 30%. Combining that with an improved air flow through the bed this truly is the best bed ever made; giving you a superior bounce to any other rectangular trampoline available for domestic use.

As this is the deluxe version, we have also upgraded the enclosure foams to the ultra durable and sleek looking EVA foam and included thicker black PVC pads to ensure that this trampoline looks cool and contemporary, but not too obtrusive in your garden.

If safety is a priority, which for most of us parents it is, then this is the trampoline for you. The Jumpking Rectangular Deluxe trampoline boasts Jumpking's thickest frame yet ensuring optimum stability and strength.

Featuring a welded socket on the top rail the enclosure poles slot directly into that meaning you do not need to grapple with additional clamps and brackets when erecting your safety enclosure.  As the welded bracket sits just behind the leg you have a great looking product that takes less time to assemble compared to the standard bracket and clamp systems on most trampolines.

The Jumpking Rectangular Deluxe trampolines are backed by the Jumpking name; the biggest trampoline manufacturer in the world, with more worldwide sales than any other brand. The build quality of this trampoline is such that the manufacturers provide a very reassuring 10 year guarantee on the frame and 5 year guarantee on the bed and springs.

What makes the Jumpking Rectangular Deluxe Trampoline different?

If you are considering buying the deluxe version, we have listed the main benefits below to help you with your decision making. Please note this trampoline is designed for the serious trampolinist / gymnast, it is not aimed at younger / lighter users who just want to bounce for recreation.

Armorweave Bed.

The most noticeable difference between the Rectangular Deluxe trampoline and all other trampolines designed for outdoor use is that it features the innovative armorweave bed. Armorweave® is a three-dimensional fabric featuring a honeycomb weave, made to provide shock absorption, cushioning, breathability and strength in a lightweight form.  The nature of the bed means that not only is it stronger and longer lasting but also gives a superior bounce to a standard polypropylene permatron bed. This is due to the gaps in the bed that allow air to flow through more easily than standard trampoline beds. This is noticeable in the images below:

Deluxe Armorweave bed Standard Polymesh bed
 Jumpking Armorweave Bed  Standard Trampoline Bed

8.5 Inch Springs

The longer galvanised springs give you a superior, more professional bounce.

Deluxe 8.5" Springs Standard 7" Springs
 Large springs  Standard springs

Black EVA Foams

The black EVA foams which surround the enclosure poles are waterproof and UV-resistant.  They look smart and sleek and are stronger so will last much longer than other inferior foams.

Deluxe EVA Foams Standard Trampoline Foams
 Deluxe EVA foams  Standard foams


Thick PVC Pads

The sleek black surround pads cover the springs with 14oz black PVC, constructed of 25mm closed cell foam making them the thickest pad yet giving you added protection.  

Deluxe PVC Pads Standard Trampoline Pads
 Deluxe PVC Pads  Standard Trampoline Pads

Heavy Duty Steel Frame

Boasting an impressive 57mm thick, 2mm gauge, black powder coated frame which is made from heavy duty galvanised steel for increased stability and durability

Deluxe 57mm x 2mm Frame Standard Trampoline Frame
 Deluxe 57mm frame  Standard trampoline frame

Additional Extras

As this is the deluxe version we have also included a weather cover, tie down kit and black powder coated ladder so you have all you need to maintain and safely use your trampoline for years to come. 

Deluxe Trampoline Ladder Deluxe Trampoline Tie Down Kit Deluxe Trampoline Cover
 Deluxe Ladder  Deluxe Tie Down Kit


Advantage Over Traditional Round Trampolines

  • Multiple even jumping zones
  • More control for the user
  • Lots of long springs
  • Easier to erect the safety enclosure due to welded socket
  • Easy maintenance - No nuts and bolts to re-tighten, ever!

Unique Innovation

  • New armorweave green/black weave mat for a superior bounce
  • Black EVA foams
  • Welded socket - the enclosure poles slot directly into this  - No brackets!
  • Heavy duty 8.5" galvanised high tensile steel springs
  • It looks great, with horizontal shock-corded poles to hold the enclosure in a rectangular form


  • The net uses the 'stitch-in' system for added safety
  • Fully fastened entry/exit door for maximum security
  • Complete peace of mind for the concerned parent
  • Conforms to all safety regulations and EN71-14 tested


  • Weather cover
  • Black powder coated ladder
  • Tie Down Kit

We sent a few questions to our first customers of this trampoline. Please see below a typical response we had: - 

Why did you choose the deluxe rectangular trampoline? 
We chose the trampoline because we wanted a good quality, high specification trampoline for my daughter, particularly.  She has just started competitive trampolining at a junior advanced level and we wanted something that she could practice on that would have a good enough bounce across a broad area.  This trampoline seemed to fit the bill.  The spec is very good for a home trampoline and it has the benefit of an enclosure which the professional trampolines don’t.  It was also good value for the spec and much less expensive than a professional trampoline.  A rectangular trampoline is of course also better for more serious practising!

How was it to build?
My husband built the trampoline - it did take a while (approx. 3-4 hours) but he said it was not unduly complicated.  He did comment that he didn’t think the build instructions were great and could perhaps do with some clarification and improvement.

How do you find the bounce
The bounce of the trampoline is fantastic and ALL my kids are delighted with it!  My daughter has been practising her routines including her back somersaults and twists etc and she gets fantastic height - having the enclosure is great because she can do this without me watching her 100% of the time.

Do you like the look of it in your garden 
The trampoline is a good solid build and quite big - we got the 10’ by 14’ which was really the largest we could get away with in our garden.  Being black and green though it doesn’t look bad in the garden.  it’s a very smart looking trampoline which helps.  Although its big we can push back into the corner when not in use as we have a walled garden.  Also, the fact that the kids love it so much and use it all the time (making it could value for money) means we like it to. 

Is there anything we could do to improve upon it
Re improvements I would just say to revisit the instructions and make sure they are thorough and clear.  When my husband built the trampoline, there was one spring missing but I emailed your company and the customer service was excellent - a new spring was sent out to us by first class post and received the next day.

All in all, we are thoroughly delighted with the purchase.  We wanted and got a good quality, high spec trampoline.  It’s quite a lot of money and of course you can buy cheaper trampolines but when you think how much its used the value for money aspect is great!!  Customer service has been great too - I have been emailed when I was told I would be and everyone has been really helpful.

Thank you.

More Information
Brand Jumpking
Size 17ft x 12ft Rectangular
Shape Rectangular
Colour Black
Bounce Area 150 (Sq. ft.) or 13.9 (Sq. m)
Tie Down Kit Yes
Ladder Included Yes
Cover Included Yes
Shoe Store Included No
No. of Springs 144
Spring Length 8.5" (21.5cm)
Bed 100% Polypropylene Armorweave
Pad Thickness 25mm
Frame Diameter 57mm
Maximum User Weight 22 stone or 140kg
Frame Warranty 10 years
Spring Warranty 5 years
Bed Warranty 5 years
Pad Warranty 2 years
Net Warranty 2 years


Like all manufacturers, Jumpking design and manufacture their trampolines using state of the art technology.

We have one of the largest range of Jumpking trampoline accessories and Jumpking trampoline spare parts available in the UK today. If we don't have a Jumpking trampoline accessory or spare part available for your Jumpking trampoline, no one will!

We have sold Jumpking trampoline accessories since the beginning. We have also worked with Jumpking to produce accessories and spare parts for our own Jumpking Rectangular Deluxe range, introduced in May 2016.

We have been supplying Jumpking Trampoline accessories and spare parts since our very earliest days and due to our product knowledge and keen prices have become one of the most successful trampoline retailers in the UK today.

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