Trampoline Buying Guide

We know that buying a trampoline can be overwhelming, that's why we have used our expertise and knowledge to design this interactive trampoline selector to help you find the right trampoline for you.

Simply make your selections from the options below to see our range of trampolines that perfectly suit your needs.

1. Trampoline Type

Above ground trampolines are easy to set up and suitable for most gardens. They are easy to move or relocate when required. They are usually approximately 2m high in total, the height from the ground to the jumping surface varies by model.

InGround trampolines are installed at ground level for a seamless look and minimal visual impact. They require a hole to be dug into the ground and once installed are not as easy to relocate. There are 2 options for InGround trampolines, those that sit flush to the ground and those that sit a few inches above the ground, both of these are available in our InGround trampoline category.

2. Trampoline Shape

Round trampolines are the traditional trampoline shape. The circular shape gives even tension on the springs which means that there is only one central bounce area. If you tumble or fall, you will be pulled back to the middle, which is where you will find your greatest bounce. There is a higher risk of collision if the trampoline is being used by more than one person at a time.

Oval trampolines have a different spring configuration than round trampolines providing 2 or 3 different bounce areas depending on the size of the trampoline. The different bounce areas can provide a safer jump when there is more than one person on the trampoline. Oval trampolines fit nicely into more narrow gardens.

Rectangular trampolines are the most popular with trampolinists and gymnasts as they are more suited to doing moves and tricks, The rectangular shape and spring configuration provides a more professional jump than a round or oval trampoline.

3. Trampoline Size

Small trampolines are great for compact spaces and younger children.

Medium trampolines are suitable for older children and beginners.

Large trampolines are ideal for experienced jumpers and families.

Trampoline Buying Guide

Other Things You Might Wish to Consider

Trampoline Buying Guide

Who Will be Using the Trampoline

Younger, lighter users will benefit from shorter springs as these don't require as much force to generate a good bounce. Older, heavier users need longer springs.

Your Budget

Trampolines vary in price for several reasons, more expensive trampolines usually come with longer warranties meaning they are designed to last longer. More expensive trampolines are usually manufactured from heavier-duty materials, again, adding to their estimated lifespan.

Consider the trampoline purchase as an investment, a cheaper trampoline is not likely to last as long and may therefore require replacing sooner than a more expensive trampoline.

Warranties & Durability

All trampoline manufacturers offer warranty periods on the different elements of their trampolines. Generally, the more expensive trampolines have longer warranty periods. Longer warranty periods usually mean a better quality trampoline.

Consider how long you plan to have the trampoline for and select a model that offers a warranty period similar to this.

It is important to note that not all parts of a trampoline have the same warranty period; sewn parts such as the net have lower warranties than steel parts, and this is standard across all trampoline brands and models.

Safety Aspects

Different trampolines are constructed differently and offer different safety aspects.

Some trampolines have the enclosure net attached on the inside of the safety padding which helps to prevent fingers and toes from accessing the springs and therefore reduces the risk of spring related injuries. These trampolines can feel less spacious than those with the enclosure net on the outside of the padding.

Some trampolines such as the Springfree range are designed without any metal parts at all, eliminating up to 90% of the risk associated with traditional trampolines.

If the trampoline users are young or small, you might wish to consider a trampoline that comes with a ladder or adding a ladder onto your purchase to make it safer for them when entering and exiting the trampoline.

Accessories & Spares

To make sure you get the most out of your trampoline, consider adding accessories such as the JumpPRO Football Goal or a compatible Basketball Hoop, this will provide added play value to the trampoline without taking up any more space in your garden.

You may also wish to consider the availability of spare parts. All trampolines should be inspected regularly, and on occasion, you may require parts that are not offered under the manufacturer's warranty. We have ensured that you will have access to spare parts should you require them for all trampoline brands that we sell.